Happy New Year, Happy Goals!


Happy New Year everyone! Here we are just a few weeks since the end of the 2017 Holiday Season. I hope you are all enjoying the sense of inspiration and refreshment this time of the year can bring. Many of us use this time of year to reset nutrition, fitness, career, relationship, or self-care goals. Some people are great with all or nothing, cold-turkey type of goals, but most of us are not. Many find providing structure to their goals makes them more attainable. Remember smart goals are:

  • S – Specific (What exactly will you accomplish?)
  • M – Measurable (Is it quantifiable?)
  • A – Achievable (Is this a realistic goal? Do you have the resources to achieve it?)
  • R – Relevant (Why is this goal significant?)
  • T – Time Specific (When will this goal be achieved?)


A really common and worth-while goal is reducing sugar intake. For those of you working towards this goal, can you interface this goal with the SMART framework? Also, for those of you who are not cold-turkey types, here is a healthy recipe for 1 ingredient banana ice cream!  Enjoy!

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