Happy & Healthy 2014!


At Bodytonic we feel we are off to a great start recovering from holiday overindulgence and beginning 2014 with a commitment to self-care.  Self-care can manifest in many different ways; for BTP owner, Nadia Rodriguez, her self-care manifests by attentively balancing work, school, family/friend social time, while eating healthy lunches like smoothies or salads, and of course combining regular strength and cardiovascular training.  Nadia of course fulfills her strength training via Pilates at the studio, but some of you may be interested to know that she has also become quiet fond of zumba and kickboxing which she utilizes to fulfill her cardiovascular training.  Nadia’s standards are quiet high with regard to fitness instruction and given this, we’d like to share her picks for the best zumba and kickboxing instructors in the city!  These women teach challenging and intelligently designed classes and if you are looking to integrate more cardiovascular training we highly recommend them!

Zumba with Jennifer Cepeda

Mondays – 7:30pm
Tuesdays – 6:15pm
Thursdays – 4:30pm
Saturdays – 9:45am
Saturdays – 12pm

Kickboxing with Nikki Williams

West Seattle Athletic Club (formerly All Star)
Tuesdays – 6:30pm
Thursdays – 4:15pm
Sunday – 10:30am
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