Springboard Classes


The Springboard is a 6-foot high, wall mounted Pilates apparatus that like most Pilates equipment, utilizes springs to provide resistance training. The Springboard’s design is based on the Pilates Trapeze Table and is similar to it in that it utilizes arm springs, leg springs, and the pull down bar. One design feature that makes this innovative piece of equipment unique from its predecessor is the number of resistance settings it provides. There are a total of 11 different resistance settings, producing a greater ability to modify exercises, which makes this an excellent piece of equipment for mixed level group classes. The Springboard also provides a unique opportunity to practice open-chain and weight-bearing exercises, i.e. new ways to challenge your core!

General Springboard Class Schedule Subject to Change

Mondays 12:00pm – Springboard + Free Weights

Mondays 5:00pm – Springboard +  HIIT

Tuesdays 7:00am – Springboard + Free Weights

Wednesdays 5:00pm – Springboard + HIIT

Thursdays – 7:00am Springboard + Free Weights

Thursdays 12:00pm – Springboard + HIIT

Sundays 10:00am – Springboard + Free Weights