Mat Classes

Our Mat Classes are 50 minutes in length and will give your abdominal muscles a run for their money.  We offer Beginning/Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, and Mixed Level Mat classes.  Class attendance maximum is 6 students so your individual goals and request can easily be examined and met.  No previous experience is required.

While mat classes are suitable for all levels, if you have a pre-existing injury, please give us a call before you register for your class so that we can ensure your intended mat class is an appropriate choice given your condition.  Strong abdominals are essential to a strong body!



General Mat Class Schedule

Mondays/12:00pm - Mat Class
Wednesdays/11:00am - Mat Class
 Fridays/11:00am - Mat Class

There are 3 pricing options to pick from for our mat class program:

Drop-in Class: $20/class

5 Mat Class Card: $85 – $17/class

10 Mat Class Card $150 – $15/class



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