Equipment Classes

gilt russian splitsOur equipment classes are 55 minutes long and utilize the classic Pilates Apparatus: Reformers, Stability Chairs, and Trapeze Tables.  Lessons are individually tailored to participant’s goals and requests and are taught in Private Lesson and Small Group format (2-3 students).

 We recommend that all students new to Pilates start with an introductory package to learn the technique basics and address any personal goals or concerns.


Small Group Equipment Classes (Duets and Trios)

We have a variety of classes available to join!  Our teaching philosophy incorporates grouping workout partners together based on skill level, personal goals, and scheduling availability.  This approach allows us to provide you with the highest quality Pilates experience by ensuring a consistent class trajectory and thus efficient skill development.

Once you have completed your introductory package, we will assist you in finding the class that best suits your goals and scheduling requests.


Not new to Pilates and want to jump right into a group class?

Give us a call or send us an email so we can discuss your previous Pilates experience and set you up with a group that is appropriate to your experience level. Feel free to bring in a friend or coworker and create your own private group lesson, or we can pair you with one of existing group classes.

When it comes to Pilates, the love is in the details, and our operations and class structure is designed to reinforce this theory.