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New mat classes, instructors, and specials!


Updated Mat Class Schedule

Tuesdays 11:30am
Matmix w/Nadia
Wednesdays 6:00pm
Matmix w/Amanda
Fridays 12:00pm
Pilates/Ballet Fusion w/Jessica


Welcome Jessica Shinn!

Jessica is a certified Pilates instructor who completed her teacher training at Ellie Herman Studios in San Francisco.  Jessica started dance training at the age of 4 in tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop and modern and was introduced to Pilates by one of her ballet instructors.  After years of taking classes at several different academies, she decided to pursue a career in ballet.  Through her Pilates training, Jessica
found that the emphasis placed on core strengthening drastically improved her dance technique and the knowledge she gained contributed greatly to her teaching skills. Today, in addition to being a Pilates instructor, Jessica is also ballet dancer and teacher and has created her own ballet workout series to help tone the muscles, improve heart rate and strengthen the core. She is very excited to introduce this method to Bodytonic!  She is determined to help every client achieve their personal goals and lead the way to a healthier, happier lifestyle


BTP on Gilt City!

Bodytonic and Gilt City are at it again and partnering up to offer you some very special deals on Pilates classes!  This offer is particularly great because it is open to new clients, plus clients who have not visited us in 6 months or longer.  If you’ve been on a Pilates hiatus this is the perfect opportunity to jump back in!


Where to park in Pioneer Square


Did you know that Pioneer Square has multiple garages that offer parking spaces that are either comparable to or more affordable than street parking rates?  The 1st ave and Columbia garage and the Butler garage (at 2nd and James) both offer parking for $3/hr and are 1-2 blocks from the studio!  Sometimes you can pull right up to a parking spot across the street from the studio, but if not, hop over to one these garages so you can spend less time parking and more times pilatesing!  The City of Seattle produced a useful website showing the rates, locations, and real-time capacity of these garages – nifty!

Snots not Hot



The cold and flu season is upon us!  If you have a cold or the flu, please be considerate of your work out buddies and instructors and stay home from Pilates.  Workout environments are especially conducive to spreading germs, and while we are very careful about disinfecting equipment between sessions, we need your help to keep our community healthy and happy.

Private clients, if you feel like you are fighting off a cold or the flu, cancel with at least 24-hours notice to avoid being charged.

Duet, trio, and mat clients, you can always sign up for a make-up class if you are sick or fighting a bug off!  Plus you’ll benefit from and enjoy your workout more when you are closer to 100%. 😉

Need to make-up an equipment class, sign-up for an equipment make-up or a mat class!

Whether you have fallen behind on initiating your new years fitness goals or your life-long fitness goals, it’s never too late to get started.  An article published in the New York Times highlights key characteristics possessed by those who age well, and specifically examines recent studies that investigate the positive impacts of fitness on those who begin exercising later in life.  “Those results reaffirm both other science and common sense. A noteworthy 2009 study of more than 2,000 middle-aged men, for instance, found that those who started to exercise after the age of 50 were far less likely to die during the next 35 years than those who were and remained sedentary.”

The Health Hazards of Sitting


health hazards sittingThe Washington Post produced a neat and informative article on the health risks associated with sitting too much.  Unfortunately, due to long work and commute hours, most of us spend much too much time sitting in front of our computers or behind the wheel.  Take a look at the article and don’t forget to click the link that suggests easy exercises that you can do at work to efficiently inject some movement into your day and combat the health risks associated with our sedentary society.

Oh and by the way, Bodytonic offers two lunch time mat classes per week!  Come join us for and even more fun and interesting way to inject movement into your workday.

Tuesdays – 11:30
Fridays – 12pm


Happy & Healthy 2014!


At Bodytonic we feel we are off to a great start recovering from holiday overindulgence and beginning 2014 with a commitment to self-care.  Self-care can manifest in many different ways; for BTP owner, Nadia Rodriguez, her self-care manifests by attentively balancing work, school, family/friend social time, while eating healthy lunches like smoothies or salads, and of course combining regular strength and cardiovascular training.  Nadia of course fulfills her strength training via Pilates at the studio, but some of you may be interested to know that she has also become quiet fond of zumba and kickboxing which she utilizes to fulfill her cardiovascular training.  Nadia’s standards are quiet high with regard to fitness instruction and given this, we’d like to share her picks for the best zumba and kickboxing instructors in the city!  These women teach challenging and intelligently designed classes and if you are looking to integrate more cardiovascular training we highly recommend them!

Zumba with Jennifer Cepeda

Mondays – 7:30pm
Tuesdays – 6:15pm
Thursdays – 4:30pm
Saturdays – 9:45am
Saturdays – 12pm

Kickboxing with Nikki Williams

West Seattle Athletic Club (formerly All Star)
Tuesdays – 6:30pm
Thursdays – 4:15pm
Sunday – 10:30am

Save $20.14 on all introductory packages!


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Holiday Schedule – Please Note!


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Fall News!


A few reminders for current clients: 

  • Intake Forms: Have you filled out your new intakerelease, and duet/trio class policy forms yet?  These forms are available and submitted online and differ from the old school pen paper forms that many of you filled out oh so long ago!  Taking a moment to fill out these new and improved forms ensures that we have your correct contact information and provides a way for you and Bodytonic staff to check in with your fitness and health goals, so please take a moment to fill them out today.
  • Signing In: When you arrive at your appointments please remember to sign-in at the front desk.  It really helps us with class tracking.  If you arrive with little time to spare before your class begins, we don’t mind if you sign in on your way out the door.
  • Holiday Closures: The studio will be closed during the following dates.  If any of your regularly scheduled classes fall within any of the dates listed your class packages will be extended by the appropriate amount:
    • Thanksgiving: 11/27 & 11/28
    • Christmas: 12/24 – 12/26
    • New Years: 12/31 & 1/1

New Fall Mat Class Schedule


Mondays/6:00pm – Matmix w/ Christopher

 Tuesdays/11:30am – INT/ADV w/Nadia

 Fridays/12:30pm – BEG/INT w/Christopher

Gilt City Promotion


Have you seen Bodytonic on Gilt City?  If not, check it out!  While the promotion is only for new clients, you can purchase a really cool package as a holiday gift for a friend.  The promotion closes Monday, November 4th!



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Sleep Vs. Excercise


sleep or exerciseGretchen Reynolds discusses the importance of understanding the correlation between sleep and exercise. This article is based off of Dr. Phyllis Zee’s expertise as a scholar in neurology and sleep disorders. We are all familiar with the importance of sleep and exercise, interestingly though a person must equally prioritize each one in order to reach his or her health goals. Dr. Zee describes this connection as a “bidirectional relationship”. Next time you feel sluggish before arriving to class, ask yourself “Did I get at least seven hours of sleep?” : )

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