What clients are saying about Bodytonic Pilates

I had never taken a Pilates class before and had just finished a 3-month recovery from a severely broken right wrist. Nadia and her team put together a challenging program that was always mindful of my still healing wrist. After 2 months of classes my chronic low-back pain disappeared and I felt just plain better overall.

Teresa C. Best of King5 2009

I relocated here [Seattle] from New York and tried out 3 different studios before deciding on Bodytonic.  The studio definitely has the best atmosphere of any of the studios I’ve visited. The teachers and other clients alike are all very friendly and down to earth. The instructors…are nurturing, supportive, and inspiring. They always keep me on my toes and keep me challenged, no cookie cutter workouts here. I also have to mention that since working out here my chronic shoulder pain has been alleviated and I’ve dropped down a few sizes. Love it!

– Tanya. Y CitySearch 2008

[I] had suffered numerous injuries participating in other sports (including torn ACL and removal of a rib). [I] came to the studio looking for a workout that would be a challenge yet wouldn’t aggravate [my] past injuries. We were able to craft a program that allows [me] to push [my] body to the limit without the risk of injury inherent in many other activities. They force me to focus and concentrate on exactly what I’m asking my body to do – and just when I think I have an exercise mastered, they toss in a modification. For me, Pilates has been a wonderful way to increase my strength and flexibility while allowing me to feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment each time I conquer a new exercise.

– Julee A. Bodytonicpilates.com

Bodytonic and Nadia were my introduction to the fitness world, and I could not have picked a better place to start. I had phobias about group exercise classes and wasn’t knowledgeable enough to start a routine on my own. The studio was a great place to get my feet wet. Since the exercises change as you improve, the workouts are never boring. Not to mention the studio has a fun, relaxed atmosphere about it. Coming just twice a week, it feels like a second home. I’ve loved getting to know the other clients, and really loved the way Pilates has strengthened and toned my body.

– Melissa M. Bodytonicpilates.com

I have many words to describe this awesome pilates studio in downtown Seattle. Ready? Here goes: serious fitness, fun, hands-on, comfortable, friendly, smart instructors, girl power, unique, motivating, private, personal, intense workouts, great equipment… The whole staff rocks – Nadia, the owner – makes sure to hire the best and really knows her stuff. I hadn’t done pilates before I started at Bodytonic, and I’m doing advanced moves that have funky zen-like names that make my body go, “huh? and owheeehee ok I get it” and the results are undeniable. Get your butt to Bodytonic!

– Sue K.  Yelp 2010