Month: August 2016

More Arabesque!


Yes, I am a dancer. Yes, I have an affinity for exercises that incorporate lengthening one’s self and balancing in odd positions. With that said, here is another arabesque variation, this time on the Stability Chair. This variation can be easily modified with increased/decreased resistance and repetitions to make for either an intermediation or advanced exercise.

Enhance your Running Performance with Pilates


eve's lungeAccording to Christine Carbo, of Women’s Running, Pilates cross training enhances runners performance for the following reasons:

  • Increased core strength
  • Improved postural balance
  • Reduced injury risk
  • Increased muscular endurance and speed
  • Quicker and more comprehensive recovery
  • Improved breath control
  • Improved balance

Read more details here.

Arabesque/Bicycle Mashup


This vlog is sort of an extension of my previous vlog post on Upstretch. Arabesque is a dynamic exercise and one of my favorites because you achieve both strengthening and stretching during practice of it. Also the dynamics of the movement provide tons of areas where one’s alignment can go wrong, so there is always a lot to focus on. Bicycle is also one of my favorites simply because it is challenging and can get your heart rate up. For those of you who are familiar with conventional gym exercises, Pilates Bicycle on the reformer, is kind of like a really ramped up mountain climber. We see a bit more Arabesque in this mashup than Bicycle, so I’ll have to make a post of Bicycle and some fun variations of it in the future.

What do the Mediterranean and Japanese Food Pyramids have in Common?


As a new mother I am entering the phase where my son will be eating food from my plate, so I am even more inspired to make quick and healthy homemade meals. One of my favorite quick and healthy go to meals is an Asian chicken noodle salad with a peanut sauce base. I found this recipe which pretty closely mirrors how I make my version.

mediterranean food pyramidMy personal definition of healthy eating incorporates the following ideals:

  • As often as possible organic, hormone and pesticide-free products
  • Incorporate unsaturated fats such as fish and vegetable based fats
  • Limit saturated fats such as animal and dairy-based fat
  • Limit processed products as much as possible
  • I believe that breaking my own rules every now and then provides a much needed mental respite.

I don’t believe in diets that eliminate whole food groups. In fact I don’t like the word diet at all. Balance-wise I like my food intake to model the Greek or Japanese food pyramids.

Japanese_food_pyramidJapan and Greece rank among the nations with the lowest heart disease rates. Two things to note:

  1. According to the World Health Organization Ischemic heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.
  2. Grains are a major component to these food pyramids, the opposite of a trendy diet that rhymes with the word radio.

Eat well and be well!